Three new Stunt People Store items – Autographed Death Grip covers, Stunt People compilation Vol. 1 DVDs featuring Rope A Dope, and Rope A Dope 2 T-Shirts

I’d like to welcome everyone over to The Stunt People Store, where we’ve listed three new items:

Stunt People Compilation DVD Volume 1 – Check out some of the best Stunt People shorts on one DVD, which features Rope A Dope, Beard Off, Wake Up Juice, Future Boss, and many more! Every DVD will be autographed by Eric Jacobus himself too, with a funny quote, a drawing, or something ridiculous he comes up with when signing it.

Rope A Dope 2 T-Shirts – Show some style with these flashy Rope A Dope 2 shirts, featuring a cool tagline “Dope Saves Lives” on the back that’ll get you lots of attention. Rope A Dope 2 will be released soon, so get these shirts before it’s cool!

Lastly, Autographed Death Grip Covers! If you’d like to spruce up your Death Grip DVD or Blu-Ray, grab one of these cool autographed covers. Features the autograph of the one and only Johnny Yong Bosch, the original black ranger from Power Rangers, along with cast members Eric Jacobus, Rebecca Ahn, Nathan Hoskins, Chelsea Steffensen, and Sean Rochford. You can also buy a new DVD or Blu-Ray and select the autographed cover as an option, which saves you some cash!

So head over to the Stunt People Store and buy some stuff! We ship internationally and combine shipping!

Dogs of Chinatown gets a UK release – August 4, 2014

Back in the day, the veritable Micah More of Beat Down Boogie directed me in a film called Dogs of Chinatown. We’ve now had the DVD on sale for years at our online store, but the official UK release is now slated for August 4, 2014. You can pre-order it on Amazon here:


I bet you’re thinking, “Boy, it must’ve been exciting getting the call from the distributor saying the film was finally being released! I can’t wait to get that call for my film!” Yeah, it would’ve been great, except I got no call. In fact, nobody got a call. I heard about it from my friend Mike Fury. The reason producers never get the call is because they’re at the end of a long chain of command, which starts with the distributor (in this case, “High Fliers Films”, which is incorrectly credited as “studio”), then the sub-sales agent for the region, followed by the sales agent (Fantastic Films here), and then the producers… and then yours truly. Then I write a blog post.

The funny thing is that nobody even heard anything from the sales agent in over two years, which happens to be completely normal. They may have sold the rights to High Fliers five years ago, and High Fliers might have been just sitting on it until the right time to release it came about, or they just needed to pull something from their vaults to fill a genre hole. Bottom line is this: the modern state of home distribution is a snarled knot of crazy, where producers and sales agents both struggle to make enough cash to cover costs. This isn’t “independent filmmaking” anymore: this is atomized, free-radical art that floats in the fog of film markets until it’s needed (or maybe when enough of us have market value, like Bill Oberst Jr.), when it’s snatched from the ether and shoved through a pipeline, and it suddenly winds up on Amazon. By then nobody knows who the hell made it – but we don’t care. After six years, Dogs of Chinatown is released, even if it’s in just one country. Celebration time!

Check out the trailer below, or support us directly by buying Dogs of Chinatown from our online store here:

(If you want a good sales agent for your low-budget, genre project, I recommend these guys. They handle Death Grip.)

Rope A Dope Playing in Sundial Film Fest, March 8 @ 7pm, Redding, CA – Cascade Theater

I’ll be attending the Sundial Film Festival on March 8 @ 7pm in my hometown of Redding, CA at the Cascade Theater to show Rope A Dope. I’d love to see readers of the blog attend (or anyone for that matter), so make sure you buy your tickets at in February. Prices are cheap! Come see it with a crowd – it’s even better that way. See ya there!

(Click the image to check see the event on Facebook)

RAD Facebook Festivals Banner

Buy/Rent Contour aka The Agent at the Playstation Online Store

Our distributor Indican has definitely come through on my first feature film Contour, first changing the name to The Agent to get better international sales (with success), and now getting the film on the Playstation Store, among many other VOD platforms. If you wanna check out how The Agent compares with my original Contour cut, check it out on PSN!


New Media Rockstars Interview

I was recently hosted on the New Media Rockstars website where I talked about Mortal Kombat Legacy and all stuff Stunt People related. The article is here:

Here’s the full video interview:

Thanks NMR!

Eric Jacobus Interview Jan 22 @ 7pm PST – Tweet your questions LIVE!

Stryker Solo cc delo

On Tuesday I’ll be interviewed on the On Blast Show, taking questions live about anything from my role in Mortal Kombat Legacy to my short stint on the latest A Good Day to Die Hard as well as anything related to Death Grip, Contour, The Stunt People, and whatever else you all can think of. Here’s the info:

What: Interview with Actor/Martial Artist Eric Jacobus, “Stryker” of Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 and Director/Star of Death Grip
When: LIVE Tues Jan 22 2013, 7pm PST 10pm EST
Where: Watch me LIVE at and post your questions to Twitter @theonblastshow, we’ll try to get to all of them
Hope to hear from you all!
UPDATE: The interview was great, a lot of awesome questions such as “That beard is epic, is it in Mortal Kombat Legacy?” and “Of all the women in the Mortal Kombat game, which one would you do in bed?” which I answer to the best of my abilities. You guys rock. Here’s the interview, in 2 parts (I come in around 14:45 in Part I).



MediaMikes interviews Eric Jacobus on Mortal Kombat Legacy – Plus Marine Core Announcement


Media Mikes’ has just posted my interview on their site where I talk about my role in Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 as Stryker. There are a few other tidbits in there too, including my announcement of our next project Marine Core. We’ll be making an official announcement in the coming weeks.

Check out the interview here: