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  1. Dude your website is awesome! Your Hapkido kicking skills are so awesome man. After watching a video on youtube on your kicking skills, you inspireed me to really learn. Do you teach any online courses? Man if you do I surely would want you to teach me. Anyways you’re an awesome dude and a kickass actor! Peace bro:)

  2. Hello Eric,

    I just seen your work on Mortal Kombat Legacy and had to see more of what you do. I was surprised by the amazing things you have done and instantly became a fan. I plan on watching “Contour” and “Deathgrip” next. I used to practice a little martial arts with my dad when i was 7.
    I’m in college now with a full time job and have little time for anything. Maybe I should get back into it. You are a great roll model for me and I look up to you man. Great work. I cant wait ti see you in the big screen.

    1. Thanks Gilbert, it’s never too late to get back into martial arts. I started when I was 20, and you can always just shoot something in a few hours with your buddies in a park. Stay productive!

  3. Hi Eric,
    I saw your death grip videos on your youtube channel, i saw kali stuffs in knife fights. Do you practice Kali escrima also?

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