Beat Down Boogie – Teaser

Micah Moore (“Dogs of Chinatown”) has finished the teaser for the hip-hop chase and fight caper “Beat Down Boogie.” “Beat Down Boogie” features “Lawrence Young (Law)” from “Contour” played by Eric Jacobus, as well as appearances by Emmanuel Manzanares and Shawn Bernal of Lazy Brown Productions, and Matt Sumner and Brian Lee from “Dogs of Chinatown.” Enjoy the teaser in multiple formats below (HD available).
Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Youtube Stream (with HD version)



2 thoughts on “Beat Down Boogie – Teaser

  1. I love the sound track. That’s the stuff I love to brake too. Not the crappy new rap garbage about asses and shooting each other. I’m happy to see the hip hop spirit alive and kickin’. (No pun intended)

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