Shapely Heroes – Snake's Victim

To trap its victim, the snake engages the tiger in a battle of blatant shapes in the wilderness.

*Note* In order to view the video in HD, click here and click the “HD” button in the embedded video before playing it.
Shapely Heroes – Snake’s Victim from Eric Jacobus on Vimeo.

Edward Kahana Jr.
Eric Jacobus


3 thoughts on “Shapely Heroes – Snake's Victim

  1. hahah that was epic! very old school chinese movie esc…mwuhhaah love it love it! 😀 Only boss says “needs some sort of corny chinese saying” and he is chinese. haha

  2. Very nice old school stances and movements. Great job Eric and Ed. I gotta say also, I love the classical Western Ennio Morricone music you used on this one. Isn’t that the one of the themes for Once Upon a Time in the West? Well, keep up the great work guys! AWSOME!!!!!

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