I get called a "third-rate nobody" and basically a racist


From the Big WOWO website:

It’s just amazing what people do and say when they get a little bit of power.  These guys are third rate nobodies–Eric Jacobus, for example, googled his own name and came up to BcB, a site that doesn’t even specialize in reviewing movies and was written by people too smart to waste their time watching it.

And this one:

Anyway, I checked out their site, and it looks like they’ve got some Asian people working with them–Asian people in the San Francisco area.  In the San Francisco area!  Why would Asian people do this, especially in an area with such a high concentration of Asian Americans?  I would think that even if the racism isn’t evident to the white people, it would be evident to these Asian people.

Make sure you visit the site to read the whole thing. This article is a little less witty and more on the attack than the Bi-Coastal one (my blog post here), but it’s still a fun read. The comments are less nasty too. But I always appreciate the publicity. I’ve tried to leave a comment three times now, but the admin (Jaehwan, author of article) probably has to okay it. So now I’m going to look like someone who triple clicks the “Submit” button, like that old lady who presses the elevator button five times.

And now that the page seems to be redirecting back to this blog, I’ve posted a response here, just in case.


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