Special Identity – Donnie prepping the fight choreography

ImageDonnie and his stunt team preparing fight choreography

Donnie Yen and his stunt team are currently prepping the fight choreography for the upcoming action thriller Special Identity seen on the image. The best thing about it is that Donnie’s good old friend and once on-screen rival John Salvitti – who you might remember from In the Line Of Duty 4 as the assassin on motor bike who fights Donnie wearing weird sunglasses and making bizarre Bruce Lee noises, and Tiger Cage 2 playing the sword-wielding henchman with the pony-tail hair – is involved in the project and will be one of the action choreographers for Donnie.

Many may not know this but Salvitti has been a big influence for Donnie ever since the latter began choreographing his own films and experimenting as well as implementing different combat styles on-screen. When it comes to grappling and the like, Salvitti was the one who inspired Donnie to introduce these techniques to Hong Kong action films which has since become a habit of his. Productions such as the German-produced Codename: Puma, Blade 2, The Twins Effect, Stormbreaker and last but not least Flash Point has Salvitti finger-printed in one or several ways as he in fact was involved in them. Whatever Donnie, Salvitti and the stunt team will come up with, I’ll highly anticipate the outcome as Donnie has yet to disappoint in terms of variety and fresh ideas. With Salvitti onboard though, things are getting more interesting. Check out videos of Salvitti in action both in front of and behind the camera below.






3 thoughts on “Special Identity – Donnie prepping the fight choreography

  1. Loved his fights with Donnie in Tiger Cage 2 and In the Line of Duty 4 – didn’t realize he was so involved in a bunch of other stuff, very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Salvitti is from the back streets of Boston, Mass. He brings with him a passion for REAL Martial Arts that a Black Belt of 3 seperate striking arts & a Rickson Gracie student can bring. We love his work because he has Heart & Soul. Revere lives in Asia Films!!!

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