Vincent Zhao puts his dispute with Donnie Yen aside and might appear in a Yip Man TV series

The scandal of the feud between martial arts favorites Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao seems to come to an ending, at least for Zhao’s part. Although he doesn’t regret his actions – stating that he had to do what he was supposed to do to serve his injustice and professionalism and is grateful for the support he’s getting – and heated debates between Donnie and Vincent fans on the net are still ongoing, he has stated that he won’t dwell into the issue further from now on. In a recent public appearance at the 19th Annual Student Film Festival awards, he expressed that he was in good mood and that the feud is already in the past for him.

Zhao announced that he will partake in several projects in the future, including China-US productions. But as of now, it’s been reported that he has been invited to star in a TV series about Yip Man. There’s no details whether he will play the Yip Man role or take on another character. The series is going to be helmed by Fan Xiaotian who stated that he had the intention to invite Zhao to star in the series while final casting for the titular character has not been decided yet. The series is slated to begin filming in June and is to be broadcasted next year.


One thought on “Vincent Zhao puts his dispute with Donnie Yen aside and might appear in a Yip Man TV series

  1. thank goodness it’s behind him.
    He shouldn’t have gone to the media and spill out so much words, he just ruined both him and Donnie’s reputation:/

    He should have just kept quiet and ignored it.

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