Special Identity – Update

The film has completed shooting in Shenzhen and the crew has now moved location in Hong Kong to complete the rest of the shooting. Beside action Donnie will also have emotional scenes, mainly with veteran actress Pau Hei-Ching who will play his mother.

Donnie stated that lots of changes had to be done due to the late controversy surrounding the film – including the changing of locations – and is pushing himself to the limit to make the film good and not waste any time for the investors. Originally, Donnie was to shoot a big fight scene with Ken Lo (yep, the guy who delivered an awesome kicking finale opposite Jackie Chan in Drunken Master 2 is going to be in the film!) inside a real mahjong set in Temple Street. But there were no owners that wanted to hire their locations so the crew had to build an own mahjong set for the scene.

Here’s some new BTS stills from the film.










One thought on “Special Identity – Update

  1. thanks for the update man!

    I can’t wait for this movie, each news I hear about this GETS me so excited.

    It feels like Flash Point and I seriously love that movie!

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