Full Fight Scene from Death Grip – Watch Now Online

We’ve posted one of the many fights from Death Grip online for your viewing enjoyment. This is the “Knife Fight” between myself and Alvin Hsing. If you dig it, please spread the word about the theatrical premiere on June 30th, and keep an eye out at our online store for the DVD and Blu Ray!


7 thoughts on “Full Fight Scene from Death Grip – Watch Now Online

  1. Martial Arts Movie Junkie just said the Bluray version of this movie has less feature than the DvD.

    what kind of game are you trying to pull!?
    Bluray makes dvd obsolete, so if I have a bluray player why would I want to buy dvd because it has more features!???

    1. Because we’re unable to mass-produce Blu Ray Dual Layer discs. So the making-of can only fit on the DVD. Trust me if we could do BD-DL they’d be loaded too. The BD does has bonus features and an Easter egg or two, though. It’s mostly the making-of that’s the difference, plus a couple deleted scenes.

  2. It’s pricey. The main thing is the packaging for something like that is kind of special, and the copy protection required for the digital copy is what makes the cost go up. In the future though we’re gonna figure out a good scheme for this.

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