Jet Li in upcoming action comedy

Jet Li – who recently appeared in Tsui Hark’s 3D feast Flying Swords of Dragon Gate – will next star in a new action comedy directed by Wang Zi Ming, written by Charcoal Tan (Once Upon a Time in China 2 and 3), and produced by Chui Bo-Chu (Kung Fu Hustle, Fearless).

Apart from Li, the film co-stars Wen Zhang, Liu Shi Shi, Lin Shuang, Liu Yan, Chen Yan Xi, Tian Liang as well as action favorites Collin Chou (The Matrix sequels, Flash Point, The Forbidden Kingdom) and Wu Jing (SPL). Corey Yuen will handle action choreography duties and the film – which started shooting this month – is expected to be out this December.


2 thoughts on “Jet Li in upcoming action comedy

  1. action? cool
    comedy? :/

    but nice to see all great actors in one movie.

    i wish they could make a Martial Arts Expendable like movie, consisting of all cool martial artists in 1 movie:)

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