Art Films Masquerading as Action Films

Drive-PosterI have a theory that art films are starting to masquerade as action films because in a globalized economy, producers can’t pick any contemporary villains, so characters’ conflicts end up being directed internally. Hence, we get a slew of boring action movies, which hire the best talent to pepper the film with 5-10 minutes of amazing action scenes, “delivering on the promise”, but still manage to leave audiences starving for more ass-kicking. Haywire, Drive, Killing Them Softly, and Looper are recent examples.

But demand for good action keeps increasing in the West, especially under hard economic times, and it’s not being delivered in spades here the way the market demands it. That makes my job incredibly easy. Seriously, Hollywood and Europe, keep it up.


Action Thriller “Ness” starring Eric Jacobus, Hiroshi Adachi, and Ed Kahana – Watch Now!

Detective Ness kicks some ass to catch the man who killed his partner.

サンフランシスコのスタントチームThe Stunt Peopleのアクションショートです。 パートナーを殺された警部補 ネスがその犯人を追う。

Starring Eric Jacobus, Ed Kahana, Victor Repizo, Hiroshi Adachi, Lucas Okuma, Alvin Hsing

Eric Jacobus featured on Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

I had the honor to be featured along with Rebecca Ahn on the Comedy Film Nerds podcast with Graham Elwood and Chris J. Mancini. We talk about Death Grip, action movies we love, and other nerdy stuff you’ll all dig. Enjoy.

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