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  1. Dude your website is awesome! Your Hapkido kicking skills are so awesome man. After watching a video on youtube on your kicking skills, you inspireed me to really learn. Do you teach any online courses? Man if you do I surely would want you to teach me. Anyways you’re an awesome dude and a kickass actor! Peace bro:)

  2. Hello Eric,

    I just seen your work on Mortal Kombat Legacy and had to see more of what you do. I was surprised by the amazing things you have done and instantly became a fan. I plan on watching “Contour” and “Deathgrip” next. I used to practice a little martial arts with my dad when i was 7.
    I’m in college now with a full time job and have little time for anything. Maybe I should get back into it. You are a great roll model for me and I look up to you man. Great work. I cant wait ti see you in the big screen.

    1. Thanks Gilbert, it’s never too late to get back into martial arts. I started when I was 20, and you can always just shoot something in a few hours with your buddies in a park. Stay productive!

  3. Hi Eric,
    I saw your death grip videos on your youtube channel, i saw kali stuffs in knife fights. Do you practice Kali escrima also?

  4. Hi Man I like your videos they are very funny and really nice moves you got, I hope you upload a couple more.
    PS: My english isn’ t really good, but I hope you could understand me, I send my regards from Argentina.

  5. Great job on the last short Eric. It was awesome. Im Peter from Montreal from back in the day. Anyways. Awesome stuff.

  6. i’ve been all morning watching your videos. I’ve really enjoyed it. I just became your number one fan from Spain : ) Cheers!

  7. Like I’ve always said, Neph…you’ve got the moves of Bruce Lee and the humor of Jackie Chan…just a matter of time before you’re discovered :)

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